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Digital Mobile X-ray Radiography System
A self-developed wireless flat panel detector, using thick cesium iodide coating and low dose exposure control mode, which significantly reduces the clinical dose and keeps the image clear and sharp. Its tiny body achieves moving without barriers, giving you flexible movement and smooth driving. Moving through the narrow spaces freely, it is easy to switch between the ICU, isolation ward, outpatient department, and emergency department. It is easy to proceed with continuous exposures with the super battery endurance. It offers ultra-high resolution, comprehensive application, and flexible options for maximum performance.


Multifunctional Dynamic DR
Multifunctional dedicated structure design that supports shooting angles from -35° to 35° and a SID that supports 1m to 1.8m. It also has a 360° motorized rotating pedal. Its integrated console design supports the system’s one-button power on/off and the doctor’s two-handed coordinated operation. It also supports the removal of grid during gynecological and pediatric examinations. Everything’s smart with the smart collimator, table-side lock, one-key press, and operating guidance. This one machine can realize the whole department application of digital radiography, for all body positions and for all regular and specific contrast examinations, fluoroscopy, full-body stitching function, and pneumoconiosis examination.


DTP580 is the world’s first UC-ARM dynamic DR with he state-of-the-art flat panel detector. Its multiple functions, ingeniously contrived mechanical structure, and easy operation makes it the most complete DR system and the best solution for physical examination of sections which can conduct most of x-ray checks such as cervical vertebra, lunar vertebra, and esophageal angiography.


Rapid one-stop examination workflow

It can be used for one-stop health checkup of chest, cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, and fluoroscopy without extra equipment. Most of the x-ray examinations can be performed by the device, which can be operated easily and conveniently.


Reduce examination time, and improve efficiency

Patients can quickly take most of the x-ray check conveniently without running around various examination departments. It can greatly reduce medical inspection time and the patient waiting time, and improve the efficiency of physical examination section which performs the health checkup for hundreds of patients every day.


Substantial cost savings with fewer staff in fewer rooms.

The all-in-one solution covers many different x-ray checks ranging from fluoroscopy studies to high-definition radiographic imaging, which brought with it significants space savings through the reduction of rooms, and increased flexibility in physical examination section through reduction of staff needed to operate. The hospital save the substantial labor and room cost. 


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